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We are two Aussies who retired early so we could start a ‘new life’ travelling, living and experiencing life outside our country whilst we still had the health and energy to do so. Our goal – a happy life as retirees in Asia.

We are in our mid to late 50’s and could not afford to retire early in our home country so started to investigate economical options for retiring overseas.

If we could make our ‘new life’ overseas work we needed to make our meagre life savings, accumulated superannuation, and the proceeds of the sale of our assets in Australia last for the next 30+ years.

Our decision to start this ‘new life’ was inspired in part by a book Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off” written by two Australian journalists Stephen Wyatt and Colleen Ryan. They planted the seed and a couple of other significant events added the impetus for us to finally make the move.

In ‘Our Back Story’ page you can read more about that book, the other life events that prompted us to consider such a radical decision, and the investigative steps we took to get to this point.

Our first stop as “retired Aussies in Asia”

Our first stop  is Hua Hin on the east coast Thailand. A pretty coastal town 3 hours south of Bangkok, affectionately known in Thailand as the Royal Coast. Hua Hin is not an international tourism ‘hot spot’ like Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya or Chiang Mai but has the necessary infrastructure for us, and is already home to about 4,000 other international expats.

Our Blog posts will tell stories of us as retired Aussies in Asia. What’s happening for us as we pursue this ‘new life’. And importantly, if we are actually able to live a comfortable life on our tight budget whilst still travelling and exploring, as is our goal!

We hope you enjoy reading our continuing story as retired Aussies in Asia. You can always check out our most recent blog posts by going to the box on the right side of this page or here.

You may even know someone who harbours their own dream of selling up, packing up and taking off! Please feel free to share our site with your friends and family who may have an interest.

And please do contact us with your questions, comments and feedback. You may already be living your dream as retirees in Asia and we would love to hear your experiences.

Michael & Vivien

Retired Aussies in Asia


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